How we're paying it forward . . .

Choice Of Interpreters believes strongly in a Deaf person's right to choose their interpreter/interpreter service, and as such we have provided pro-bono interpreters for a variety of settings, please note this list is not exhaustive:

  • Pro-bono interpreter for various legal appointments
  • Pro-bono interpreter for Calgary Humane Society children's educational course
  • Subsidizing the cost of interpreters for week long speech program
  • Pro-bono interpreter for graduation
  • Pro-bono interpreter for graduation party
  • Pro-bono interpreter for The Home Program, Edmonton
  • Pro-bono interpreter for Attainable Homes, Calgary
  • Pro-bono interpreter for a poetry class presentation
  • Pro-bono interpreting for various medical, optometry, and naturopathic appointments
  • Pro-bono interpreting for various dental appointments
  • Pro-bono interpreting for various employment interviews
  • Pro-bono interpreting for memorial services
  • Pro-bono interpreters for wedding services
  • Pro-bono interpreter for various Apple Store appointments
  • Pro-bono interpreter service for the SCOPE Picture This Film Festival Gala Evening
  • Pro-bono interpreter service for Saje Natural Wellness in-store presentation, "Dear Stress, let's break up"
  • Subsidizing the cost of interpreters for monthly Canadian Diabetes Association Support Group Meetings
  • Donations to Calgary Association of the Deaf Silent Auction 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Donations to the Alberta Cultural Society of the Deaf - Movie in the Park event